School-Age Program


Our After-school program offers a fun environment for your child to hang out and relax after a long day at school in either the Butterfly or Dragonfly classroom. Children that attend Taylor Prairie School ride the school district bus to our program. A Learning Ladder staff member will meet the children at the bus stop and escort them safely into the building. Children attending Cottage Grove Elementary School are picked up by the Learning Ladder bus and transported to the program. The afternoon begins with a group meeting and attendance. Snack is served and time is allotted for homework. After that the children will have a variety of activities to choose from and time to socialize with friends. On days that the weather permits the children will end their day with outside recess.

On early dismissal days and school days off the daily routine will be similar to the summer camp. See the Summer Adventure Camp brochure for more information.

Learning Ladder’s Summer Camp is an exciting and popular destination year after year. With many field trips, water days, special events, and a flexible curriculum, we will keep your child entertained all summer long.

Classroom Welcome Letters

Welcome to the Butterfly Classroom!

Butterfly Classroom

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Butterfly Classroom. This dual purpose classroom serves T4K students in the morning and our school-age students after-school and days off. Our classroom is designed to allow children the opportunity to move around freely for play and learning. Each section of the classroom is designated to a specific type of play, however we are flexible and willing to extend the play-based on the interests of the children. Our bathrooms are located just outside of the classroom and are separated by gender. Each child has his/her own individual buckets to keep personal belongings in. The buckets and coat hooks are located just outside the classroom as well. Students are allowed to use both of these areas, but need to have permission from a teacher to leave the room. This allows the students the opportunity to develop a new sense of independence as they prepare for school years.

Also located just outside the classroom you will find a parent communication area. This area is meant for parents to sign children in and out on a daily basis, leave specific notes for teachers, receive information from the office personnel and receive any classroom/building updates. As teachers of this classroom we also welcome one on one communication with parents. Feel free to address us with any concerns or issues at your child pick up or drop off times. The success of this room and Learning Ladder is having clear and positive communication between the teachers and the parents.

The butterfly schedule allows students time to unwind from a busy day at school, have a nutritious snack, engage in small and large motor activities and time to play outside.

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Welcome to the Dragonfly Classroom!

Dragonfly Classroom

Classroom Layout

The parent bulletin board and sign-in and out sheets are located outside the classroom door. It displays the daily routine, upcoming activities, and parent invoices. There are 5 main areas in the classroom; Dramatic Play, Block, Board Games, Group Area, and Creative Art. We have a pet turtle named Franklin who has been around for a very long time. Our bathrooms are located down the hallway just past the Butterfly Room and the cubbie areas are located outside the first door.


Verbal communication works best for the Dragonfly Room. It is very important to call Learning Ladder as well as the school to let us know if your child will be absent. We pride ourselves in accurate attendance. Please call our office if your child is going to be picked up by anyone other than his/her parents.

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