Infant and Toddler Classrooms


Our Infant and Toddler program consists of three classrooms;

Each classroom is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. We provide experiences that challenge and support each child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical and creative development. During the course of the day at Learning Ladder each child has opportunities to create, explore the environment, develop personal interaction skills and learn problem solving skills and concepts through hands on experience.

Staff members are positive role models. They are supportive, nurturing, warm and responsive to each child’s individual needs. We respect the parent as the primary and most important person in the child’s life. Our goal is to complement your role by allowing the children to feel secure and enjoy themselves when they are in our care.

Classroom Welcome Letters

Welcome to the Inchworm Room!

Inchworm Classroom

Just Getting Started.....

The transition to child care can be hard on some children and parents! Feel free to stop in and talk with us before your child starts. Early mornings and late afternoons are typically good times to stop in.

On those days when you miss your little guy/girl and wish your little one was right there next to you, give us a call! We'll be happy to tell you how his/her day is going!

What should you bring on your first day?

  • Diapers and Wipes labeled with child’s name
  • Diaper rash cream labeled with child’s name
  • A lightweight blanket (Goes home every Friday to be washed, don't forget to bring it back on Monday!)
  • Extra clothes: three sets of sleepers, socks, and outer wear for daily walks
  • Pacifier (2)
  • Food/formula that is clearly labeled with child’s name and dated
  • Two bottles

What is my child's routine?

Infants typically set their own routine. They tell us when they're hungry or sleepy. In fact you probably have it down to a science! That's why we ask you for all that good information! How much do they eat? How often? What are their naps like?

However, there are some routines in our room that are a constant, for example....

  • We typically go for a morning walk every day weather permitting.
  • Every child gets to sleep in his/her own crib. If they fall asleep in our arms or a swing, they will be lovingly transferred soon after to their own crib.
  • Diapers are checked and or changed every two to three hours. Of course if we start to smell something, or we simply feel the diaper is soggy, the child would be changed immediately.
  • Our older children who are ready to eat the foods prepared by Learning Ladder's cook are served meals at the following times:
    • Breakfast around 8:00-8:30am
    • Lunch around 11:00-11:30am
    • Snack around 2:00-2:30pm
  • We have a quiet time with dim lighting from 12:00-2:00pm (great opportunity for napping)

How will I know what my child did during the day?

We record daily, all diaper changes, meals, naps and activities on a sheet that will go home with you when you arrive for pick-up!

Our Mission

We try to create a very “at home” atmosphere. We strive to make each and every child feel loved and nurtured. Each child will know that they are an important part of our group!

We give each child individual attention. Whenever we have a free minute we talk with the children one-on-one, play hand games and make funny faces. We also give lots of positive attention when we are changing diapers and bottle feeding.

We also teach children how to play independently and with their classmates. Every child has free time to choose what they want to play with, move around, and mingle with their classmates.

We incorporate American Sign Language into our daily routines. We use “more” and “please” often when we are at the table. If you would like us to show you some “signs,” just let us know because we'd love to teach you too!

We provide a lesson plan for parents to read so you have an idea of what is going on during the week. Each week has a new theme. We focus on the fundamental developmental areas such as language, motor skills, and sensory, just to name a few.

We also take lots of pictures so you can not only read about what we are doing, but see it too! Sometimes these pictures are posted in the room, sometimes they go home with the daily sheets and we also use some for your child’s classroom portfolio.

What can I do as a parent/guardian?

We want you to spend a few minutes talking with us when you arrive in the morning and when pick your child up at the end of the day! How was their mood? How did they sleep? Notice anything new or exciting? When did they eat last?

Ask us questions! Tell us how you think your child's doing in our class!

It also helps greatly if you label all your child's belongings especially blankets, sweaters and coats! These items tend to get mixed up easily....THANKS!

From time to time we rely on the parents to bring in materials or contribute to our classroom in some way. We may ask for things like family photos or shoe boxes or ask our children to wear their favorite hat.

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Welcome to the Grasshopper Room!

Grasshopper Classroom

The Grasshopper classroom will provide many opportunities for your toddler’s developmental growth. A daily routine will be introduced as the children are eased into a single nap time and learn to sleep on cots. They will begin developing their independent skills such as learning to use a cup, eating with utensils, and practicing table manners. This classroom is very busy and full of energy. The toddlers are just beginning to desire independence and yet at any moment may change their minds and want to cuddle and be little again. We truly enjoy our work and we are looking forward to getting to know you and watching your child grow.


Activities will include short circle times, lots of dancing to the rhythms of music, reciting finger plays and rhymes; sensory activities such as water play or finger painting with yummy pudding; imaginative play, puzzles, drawing with crayons, and American Sign Language. In addition, the children will begin to gain an understanding of social interactions and expressing their own emotional needs. The children will go outside, weather permitting, to enjoy nature and recreational activities.

We have a designated place for family photos. Please bring in a few photos for your child to view during the day. The photos are a great prop for toddlers and teachers to use as they begin language development. It will also help to cheer them up when they are missing you.


Good communication is very important and we will do our best to keep you informed about your child’s day. A daily sheet will keep you updated about your child’s daily activities, health, appetite, diapering, and it will let you know when your child's supplies are running low.

There is a weekly lesson plan that is posted on the parent board directly above the sign-in and out sheets. Daily photos are posted on the bulletin board just outside the classroom.

Please let us know your child’s status upon arrival. How well did they sleep last night? Are they eating well? What is their mood? All of these things are important to us and help us to ensure your child gains as much as possible from our program. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns. The early afternoon (12:15-2:00) is the best time for long conversations.

Families will be kept up to date with their child’s growth and development on a regular basis and in a written progress report format 4 times a year.


Diaper changes are scheduled every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Of course if we start to smell something or we simply notice a soggy diaper we will change them immediately.

Supply List for Toddlers At a Glance

  • Diapers or pull-ups (labeled)
  • Wipes
  • Formula/breast milk/whole milk and infant food (clearly labeled with your child’s name) until child is ready for prepared program meals
  • Pacifier (optional)
  • Lightweight blanket
  • Cot sheet (Crib sheets work the best)
  • Extra clothing; socks, undergarments, pants, shirts (3 of each)
  • Winter gear; coat, snow pants, hat, boots, mittens (Please label with your child’s name)
  • Small beanie-baby sized snuggly for naptime (optional )

Cot sheets and blankets go home on Fridays for laundering and will need to be returned on Monday morning. Please check your child’s cubby daily at pick-up time for soiled clothing and replenish as needed.

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Welcome to the Ladybug Room!

Ladybug Classroom

We would like to welcome you to the Ladybug Room. This room is full of energy and excitement. We are fun, loving, caring, and love to learn using our hands, eyes, and ears.

Classroom and Curriculum

The Ladybug Room is full of fun areas from our indoor climber to our house and puzzle area to the block area! Our favorite area is our group rug where we enjoy reading, dancing, and singing songs together as a group. You will often hear us chanting to “Going on a Bear Hunt” and reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?” We love to get messy when we express ourselves with art and sensory materials. Our daily routine is posted in the classroom. We enjoy the outside playground time on most days. It feels so good to run and climb!

Potty & Diapers

The Ladybug Room has one bathroom with two toilets where we encourage children to practice sitting on the potty once they are ready to begin their toilet training adventure. Until then, diaper changes are scheduled periodically throughout the day and as needed.

Cubbies and Communication

Each child is assigned their own cubbie that is located in the back of the room, near the playground exit. All parent information and book orders (monthly) are kept by your child’s cubbie. Weekly lesson plans and daily photographs of classroom activities are posted on the bulletin boards outside the classroom.

The Ladybug Room is a very special room filled with children who make every day memorable. Each child begins to build friendships with classmates and learn new skills from their ABC’s to their 123’s. Come take an adventure with us!

Supply List for Ladybugs At a Glance

  • Diapers or pull-ups
  • Wipes
  • Lightweight blanket, cot sheet (a crib sheet works best) and small pillow will go home for laundering on Fridays and returned on Mondays
  • Extra clothing; socks, undergarments, pants, shirts
  • Winter gear; coat, snow pants, hat, boots, 2 pairs of mittens (Please label with your child’s name)
  • Small beanie-baby sized snuggly for naptime (optional )
  • Family Photos for display
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