Classroom Settings

Our building consists of over 11,000 total square feet of classroom space divided into 8 classrooms. Our classrooms are oversized and filled with a wide variety of age appropriate equipment that is rotated to meet the interests of the children and align with the curriculum themes. Family pictures and artwork fill the walls while children move freely among the many defined play areas. Focal points in the classrooms include custom built playhouses, lofts and bathrooms, all of which reflect the developmental needs of the group.



We have 4 separate fenced playgrounds. Each one is equipped and designed specifically for the age group that uses them.


A small playground on the west side of the building offers a safe fun area for our toddlers to run and explore. Half blacktop and half grass, the children may choose from riding around on little scooters or climbing on the toadstool. Our beautiful wooden gazebo offers a calm area to rest in the shade.

Our 2 and 3-year-olds have direct access to their own playground near the back of the east side of the building. With a number of trees providing shade, there is a large grassy area for the children to run, play and “mow” the yard. We have several climbers and slides to keep the children busy. A large sand box allows the children to use their imaginations as they dig and build.


The other 2 playgrounds are also located on the east side of the building. Mature oak trees provide shade and acorns for the children to discover. The “magic bean” tree drops its seeds into the oversized sand box each year for the children to discover. Our winding bike track is always a favorite activity. Climbers, rings, and gliders allow the children room to run and play. Meanwhile, classroom container gardens teach the children how to grow their own flowers and vegetables.

The Backyard

Leaf PileOur huge backyard offers fun and excitement for all seasons. Our invigorating summer water fun is located directly behind the toddler playground. Sprinklers in the soft grass results in lots of shrieks and giggles as the children dare each other to run through the cool water. Classes will often walk down to use the playground at Community Park located directly behind us. In the fall, leaves from a variety of trees are raked into multiple piles to jump in. Our very own sledding hill will keep cabin fever away all winter long. Everyone enjoys the warm spring weather and watching the plants and flowers return to life.